Why Use Casecrush?

Why use CaseCrush? 

Reduce the Expense. You face a crummy choice in your lawsuit - you can represent yourself or you can pay a full service law firm. We offer an alternative to reduce the expense.

Use Your Knowledge. Your lawyer may know the law & how to apply the law – but you know the facts. We show you how you can more effectively use the facts.

Finally – Some Guidance. Lawyers & Clients each perform critical tasks in lawsuits – but existing resources are largely for lawyers. Imagine a football team whose quarterback is the only player with a playbook.  We provide you with a thorough & practical playbook. 

Get Practical Information. Only your lawyer can advise you about the applicable law in your specific lawsuit – but we address generic aspects of lawsuits with  explanations, guides, suggestions & warnings. 

Reduce Stress. We can help you make better use of the time you worry about your lawsuit

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